While You Were at the Pool . . . .

Rest in Peace Brothers

Saturday saw a memorial for those killed in Chattanooga earlier in July.

If you’ve never heard it, the silence that follows a final role call is gut-wrenching.



More E-mail Chatter

There was more new on the topic of Hillary Clinton and her famous personal email server over the weekend. Nothing that surprising . . . except other Dem. candidates are really starting to join in the bashing. Typically you don’t see a lot of family blood spilled within the Democratic party but other Democratic presidential hopefuls don’t seem to approve of how the previous Secretary of State is handling things.

Will we EVER stop hearing about this?

Um, no. Not for a long, long time. If Clinton makes it through the primaries, be prepared to hear about it even after the Benghazi panel is over. If she makes it to the presidency. . . you’ll be hearing about it for the next four years.

Why, oh why, do I keep hearing about this?

1. LIES. No one’s perfect. Politicians are no exception. But flat out lying, continually, is not a quality most people want in their president, or Secretary of State.

2. PRETENTIOUS. There’s official work email for a reason. (I won’t get into that here.) Using her own email instead of official email raises question on how Hillary sees herself. It certainly gives the perception that she sees herself as above the rules and regulations that govern every other member of the government. Clearly, the rules that apply to every single other person in office do not apply to Hillary.

3. SECURITY. So after the announced hacks on government systems this summer we know gov. email isn’t the safest. BUT it is still safer then personal email and it’s best for government officials. If it’s hacked at least they know what information is at risk. If a private server is hacked who the heck knows what information was stolen. There’s a range of different classifications: For Official Use Only (FOUO), unclassified, classified, secret, top secret, super duper troop top secret (okay, maybe not that one.) You get the idea. At least when it’s on official servers the government can see what kind of risks and possible catastrophes they’re dealing with. When it’s on a private server….well it’s taken how long for Hillary to turn over all (supposedly) of her emails?

So this topic will be around for months to come.

We certainly don’t support pretentious liars who jeopardize the safety of Americans.

Give Me Some Good News

Well, I don’t really have any. We’ll touch on these stories more as the week goes on:

The Kid That Gets Left Out…

North Korea is running off at the mouth, again. They’re not so happy about our annual training exercise with South Korea and a bunch of friends, erm, allies. It’s the same thing, every year. They say if we continue with the exercise they’re going to retaliate. Retaliate what? That we’re practicing defensive  moves? Maybe they don’t read as much news as they should. Anyway, they’re saying this year is different but not a lot of people believe them. Kind of like the boy who cried wolf. NK’s just upset little brothers ISIS and Iran are getting all the attention. Let’s hope he doesn’t throw the sippy cup at us.

Here’s more details. NK is shouting threats. Literally. On huge speakers. It looks like SK started it. Sort of. The current barrage of ‘it’s your fault’ between these two countries started with landmines killing two South Korean soldiers at the beginning of August. SK’s retaliation was to shout propaganda at NK who is now shouting it back in time for the US + friends exercise.

Name That…Fire?

Didn’t know if you knew this, but wild fires get names. Not cool, personifying ones like hurricanes. Wild fires often get names after the area where they started. Soda and Cabin have been big ones these last few days.

Jump Ship

Okay, we’re not actually jumping ship, we’re jumping the Persian Gulf. Sort of. The Persian Gulf is one of those places that we almost always have Navy air support. Until this fall. Despite having responsibility for roughly 1/5th of the air support in the region the Navy is shifting around the ships. Some need maintenance, some need repairs. By Navy support we mean the carriers with helo and fighter jet landing, so the big guns. There’s supposed to be a gap in coverage but that could always change.

Grease Lightening

More like Ranger Lightening. While training on how to avoid getting hit by lightening some Rangers and their instructors were sent to the hospital last week because, wait for it, . . . . . . . they got hit by lightening. Evidently it’s not that uncommon where they were training in Florida. Makes sense, (not being sarcastic) let’s train in an environment that gives us the most realistic conditions. As of Friday no one had died from the incident but we are still waiting to hear if everyone has been released from the hospital.


**DISCLAIMER** Apologies for spelling and grammar mistakes that ruin your morning….still working through my first cup of coffee.

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