What happens when you play politics with our war policy and publicly announce the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan? Last week’s decision by Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai to release 65 dangerous Taliban insurgents, that’s what happens. These prisoners are the worst of the worst – guilty of attacks on U.S. military and NATO personnel and representing a continued threat to our fighting men and women. Their release is outrageous, but not surprising. This sorry event is actually a harsh indictment of President Obama’s inept foreign policy. Here’s why: Karzai is not a dummy. He knows that U.S. troops are gone by the end of 2014, per Obama’s order, not based on our security needs but based on Obama’s promise to anti-war liberals to end our involvement there. Karzai knows that he can’t count on Obama. With the U.S. gone, he needs to deal with the Taliban. So, he makes them a peace offering with the prisoner release. Wouldn’t you? Sadly, it looks like Afghanistan is headed for the same fate as Iraq, another country Obama quit without making adequate security preparations. Parts of Iraq have now fallen under the control of al-Qaeda. This is the price we pay as Americans for having a President who lacks trust in military leadership and puts politics ahead of doing the right thing in Afghanistan and Iraq.