USA & Russia, Best Frenemies

So, a while back we (USA) decided to get involved in the middle east (anti-USA). And for a few decades now we’ve had our foot in the door. For a while we were a lot more involved but in the last couple years we’ve been trying to let the area handle their own problems.

Yeah. That’s not going to so well. This little (not so little) group called ISIS came onto the scene and started breaking up the party in some bad ways. But we just left, so, instead of going back ($$$$$$$) we send money, supplies, and offer to do some training on how to kick butt  ($$$). Those dollar amounts are for the short run by the way, if we’re at this for the long haul they’ll pretty much equal out, or change directions.

So we started out with a little training program that might kill two birds with one stone. Train the Syrian rebels and maybe they’ll get rid of ISIS in the area and then go to work finishing off this Civil War they’ve been at for the last few years. Well, the training program didn’t get the greatest reputation. All of us across the pond were expecting hundreds of rebels to go through this training and the first reports had under 100. Some had under 50 had completed the program. (We take all media reports with a grain of salt because let’s face it, no one tells the whole truth.)

That’s not to say the rebels were doing horrible. They actually were surviving pretty well and regained control of a some areas. (Map here, scroll a bit.)

And then Russia stepped into the picture. The best Frenemy we ever had.

At first it’s a dream come true. You want to kick out ISIS too? Aw, man, sweet, we’re on the same side. FINALLY.

Oh, you’re supporting the Syrian gov and not the rebels?

Bubble burst.

Way to ruin that dream. Well, we can be friends, for now, but maybe not for long.

Of course, they have to pick the OPPOSITE side to help out. Not that we aren’t all on the same side of getting rid of ISIS but Russia’s kill-two-birds-with-one-stone theory is messing up ours.

Granted we’ve been at this game a while, so we’re a little better at it. Our aim isn’t always perfect, but it’s better than this.

So Russia’s decided to play ball and chose Syria and Iran for their team. Guess we’ll see how this one plays out?