Summer of Shootings

Last week (26 August) there was another shooting. There’s shootings everyday, but this one was on live TV.

A disgruntled TV station employee decided to take his rage out on former co-workers. Not only did he do it while they were working, but he did it while they were on live television.

He took offense to just about everything and if you read this particular article you can decide for yourself the stability of a grown man who throws cat poop during an argument.

In case you missed the details of the actual event you can read them here. The basics? The shooter, holding his own camera approached and shot his previous coworkers at close range. He also shot the person that was being interviewed. Then he fled. Police found him later in his rental car, injured from a self-inflicted gun shot.

Things to note: He was influenced by recent public shootings, namely the Charleston incident, but it wasn’t his only motivation. He also didn’t originally intended to commit suicide, it seems as though he was packed just to run and hide.

You can find a link to the shooter’s recording here. WARNING, you are watching him shoot people and it’s not an act. So if you think it might be too much, don’t watch it.