Special Operations for America debuted a new radio ad in the Montana congressional race highlighting Republican candidate Ryan Zinke’s support for a strong military and restoring America’s leadership position in the world.

The 60-second ad is running on both conservative talk stations and general news programming, and features Gary Stubblefield, a former U.S. Navy SEAL commander, explaining why Zinke is the best candidate to oppose President Obama’s weak and indecisive foreign policy and preserve America’s standing as the world’s superpower.

Click to hear the ad: http://youtu.be/b5NSrWs7ZnM

Transcript of ad:

“I’m Gary Stubblefield, a fifth generation Montanan and a former U.S. Navy SEAL Commander.

I want to speak with you about the Montana congressional race.

These are perilous times for America.

President Obama’s weak and indecisive foreign policy has emboldened some of the world’s worst actors, in places like Russia, Syria, North Korea and Iran.

The actions we take now will determine whether America remains the world’s superpower, able to preserve for our children and grandchildren the prosperity we have known.

That’s why I’m voting for Ryan Zinke for Congress.

Ryan Zinke is a former Navy SEAL with two Bronze stars for combat in Iraq.

Ryan Zinke exemplifies the sacrifice and character we look for in our public leaders.

Ryan Zinke believes in a strong military.

Ryan Zinke understands America’s strength is the best friend that peace has ever known.

I ask that you join me in supporting Ryan Zinke for Congress because it’s time we restore America’s leadership position in the world.”

DISCLAIMER: Special Operations for America is responsible for the content of this advertisement.