Sound Off! Iran Deal Vol. 2

The Iran deal has recently been signed and accepted but that doesn’t mean we’re done fighting!

Here were follow’s thoughts and reactions when we asked, what’s your solution?

Ken MCongress should vote against this agreement for a laundry list of reasons. As for other solutions, it depends entirely on whether or not you believe Iran can be allowed to become a nuclear weapons state. If you believe that this must be prevented, then you must face up to the fact that nuclear non-proliferation success stories absent military engagement (on some level) are almost non-existent. Ukraine is the only example I can think of, and good luck getting anyone else to follow their lead. If you aren’t willing to use some level of force, then you aren’t actually serious about stopping them. This proposed agreement is definitely not serious. If anything, it is serious about making sure Iran does get nukes.


Rob CI believe the sanctions were working and could have been stricter! I think the noose should have been tightened! Absolutely needs to be blocked!