Sound Off! Election 2016 Vol. 1

There’s still about 15 months between now and Election Day 2016 but there’s only about 5 months until the primaries begin!

Candidates are really starting to get their names out there and get their policies out there.

So after the GOP debate in August we asked our followers: Who’s your favorite candidate and why?

Here are the answers:

Alice L. Ted Cruz is my choice thus far.

Diane T. Ted Cruz by far is my favorite, then Paul Rand.

James K. Carson/Fiorina. I think they should run as president and vice-president.

Patti G. Carson/Fiorina

Frank D. Marco Rubio appeared to me to be the adult in the room, last night. He was Presidential and almost Reagan-esque. With that said, Carly Fiorina, has a very good chance to earn my vote in the primary.

Vita L. Ben Carson, and Carly Fiorina have stood out to me. They both stood up and spoke up. Love that.

Pamela S. Ted Cruz and then Donald Trump but Carly came off beautifully!!!!!! Rand Paul needs to go away!!!!!!

Gwenie T. Carson. Huckabee.Trump

Antonio S.  “Get a warrant!!!” – Rand Paul.
That’s my pick right there.

Jeffrey E. Senator Ted Cruz…He looked the most presidential…He is by far the most conservative,and his actions and record in the Senate,prove beyond a doubt that he will do what he says, and he says what he means…He has my vote and my small financial support…I think Carly Florina came in second…

Kelly W. still undecided..

Julie D. Cruz-Fiorina

Greg B. Cruz, Paul is Anti-police. Love what Trump is doing to the debates though…

Elaine S. We need to look some more.

Caroline N. Fiorina. Definitely NOT Trump.

Laura T. Ted Cruz

Maria M. CARLY AND RUBIO ,they answer the questions with optimism and hope .Some are upset with Fox for not bending over to Trump (he want’s to be a General then first he has to be a soldier) Trump is great to a point -he articulate what most should but don’t dare . But fot me Trump is no better then a dictator (i come from a communist country )

Frank D. Rubio & Fiorina

Carol P. Carely Fiorina and Ted Cruz

Angel R. Ted Cruz! He is going to keep his word and do what he says he will do!

Nonna D. I love Carly’s no nonsense style and how she goes right to the heart of why not to vote for Hillary! I would so much enjoy watching Carly debate Hillary, and see the look on Hillary’s face, when Carly takes her down!

Johnathan B. TED CRUZ – and how can you not applaud Ben Carson’s discussion about the military. Absolutely spot on. We haven’t fought a war to win since WWII.

Christopher K. Cruz was spot on as usual, Rubio was impressive as were Carson, Huckabee and Kasich, Trump was attacked and forced into defense mode instead of actually pushing his agenda and priorities, Paul looked and acted like a loon, and Carly should have been in his spot. Proud of the field and love seeing the great options we have!

Bill U. Marco Rubio is still my guy. Ted Cruz & Rand Paul were great too. Not gonna discard Dr. Ben Carson or Carly Fiorina yet. I have no faith in the rest especially Trump or Christie

Thomas O. Rand and Carly , the both show they wont back down

Jack D. None of them impressed me at all+ Do you people live in Cave’s ????

Veronika T. It is waaay too early.

Christopher K. WOW! Hard to choose, Cruz was really good, Carson was very articulate and informed, and Fiorina was amazing as usual! As much as I think you need to be a politician to survive in Washington, I think Carly is my favorite! She is a Trump/Cruz/Carson machine! Highly intelligent, not an establishment prick, and not afraid to tell it like it is or to attack Hillary.

Roger S. There is no such thing as fair reporting any of the network news or other media. It was clear from the start that Fox News wanted to make trump look bad. May not be the best choice but least he not afraid to tell it like it is. Exactly why the others running are scared as well as the media. Trump’em !!!!!!!

Mike H. Scott Walker. Good track record.

Ann C. John Kasich – reputation as governor of Ohio and his honest, straightforward answers to the questions posed by the biased moderators in the debate.

Manny M. Think about it you really want trump in the white house?

Jake B. I say TRUMP runs in the “AMERICAN PARTY” with the brilliant doctor Ben carson as his VP AND RUBIO as secatary OF STATE… That would be the balls, brains, AND youth we need to cut down our enemy balance the budget and keep illegal child molestors out please share would be much apritiated and above all else GOD BLESS AMERICA