Ryan Zinke, 23 year Navy SEAL, former Montana State Senator and current Chairman of Special Operations for America highlighted the need for America’s veteran heroes to serve once again.

Steve Bannon (Executive Chairman, Breitbart News) filled in today for Andrew Wilcox as the host of The Wilkow Majority. Ryan joined him to discuss effective leadership, the political rise of America’s heroes and why it is so important in fixing Washington.

Ryan Zinke’s message focused on a few critical points:

Since WWII we have seen a dramatic decrease in the number of elected representatives at both the federal and state levels who have never served in our military. Veterans share unique leadership characteristics, and are not afraid to make tough decisions. SEAL’s, Special Operators and military members have been solving the most complex problems around the globe. It is time we rise up to solve the problems here at home.

Zinke and Bannon discussed Gabriel Gomez, former SEAL running for US Senate in Massachusetts and Rob Mannes, retired Air Force Colonel running for US Senate in Louisiana.America drastically needs new leadership now. Gomez and Mannes stand ready to serve.

Steve Bannon ended the interview with a pointed question, “Max Baucus is out. Are you running?”

Zinke’s answer, “We are seriously looking at the race. America needs more leadership and less politics. The mission is to elect leaders who have the courage to put country above self and party politics. I have not given myself a time table for a decision but I always stand ready to serve and keep America strong.”