Will Hurd

U.S. Congressman, Texas' 23rd District
Will Hurd

A native of Texas, Will grew up near San Antonio. After high school he attend Texas A&M where he served as Student Body President and graduated with a degree in computer science and a minor in international relations.

After A&M, Will chose to serve his country and began working for the CIA. For over a decade Will would work for the CIA both here in the US and abroad in countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India. It was during this time, being on the front lines of the War on Terror, that Will decided he would continue serving his country after the CIA. 

His dream wasn’t realized immediately after leaving the CIA, it took persistence and dedication. Will announced and ran for the seat of the 23rd District in 2010 but lost. Between is loss in 2010 and his second run in 2014 he became a Senior Adviser with a cyber-security firm, covering a wide range of complex challenges faced by manufacturers, financial institutions, retailers, and critical infrastructure owners. He was also a partner with a strategic advisory firm helping businesses expand into international markets.

In 2015, Will was elected to the 114th Congress and currently serves on the Committee of Oversight and Government Reform and chairs the Information Technology Subcommittee. He also sits on the Committee on Homeland Security and is the Vice Chair of the Border and Maritime Security Subcommittee.

Representative Hurd has three specific aims, strengthen National Security, protect small business, and get Veterans the healthcare and resources they deserve. Will takes these subject personally.

Will is an expert in cyber security and uses his knowledge and expertise as part of the Information Technology Subcommittee and the Committee on Homeland Security. He understands it is imperative that both government and business work together to form the strongest cyber defense for our country. Not only does he commit to this on congressional committees but he participates in panels and discussion around the states. Just recently he was a speaker at the North American Cyber Security Summit.

Much of District 23 is comprised of small business and those are the business owners Representative Hurd seeks to protect with legislation. For a state that is comprise of mostly small business it’s important to Will that those business have an opportunity to flourish so that jobs are not only maintained but created.

Though the CIA is not exactly the same as the military, Will is very familiar with a lot of the situations our Veterans have gone through. He is a unique representative in that he can empathize with our Veterans and the dangers they faced in Iraq and Afghanistan. Even more, he knows Veterans have earned their benefits and fights for legislation to make health care easier and more affordable. He also knows how confusing and complex the government system for benefits can be which is why he has two employees specifically dedicated to assisting Veterans, they too can relate because they are Air Force and Army Veterans.


Currently Representative Hurd has been busy, traveling around his district, listening to the concerns of the people he represents and witnessing the growth and progress of the 23rd District. Check out our updates below or like our Facebook page to get constant updates on what Will is doing for District 23!

Rep Hurd Speaking on the Foreign Fighter Review Act of 2016 that he introduced.

Here’s what Rep. Hurd has been up to recently. Take a quick look.

January 17-23 2016 Wrapup

Have 45 seconds? Great! Watch this.

Posted by U.S. Representative Will Hurd on Sunday, January 24, 2016

Friday 22 January, Rep. Hurd was on  television talking about cyber security and national defense. Check it out!

Check out Rep. Hurd speaking below! Rep. Hurd went on CNN just days after North Korea’s supposed nuclear bomb test.

Rep. Hurd talking National Security right before the State of the Union.

Check out the video below of Rep. Hurd speak in support of the Justice for Victims of Iranian Terrorism Act.

How does one go from CIA to congress? Find out in the video below as Rep. Hurd talks about his transition.

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