Militants execute one of two gay men by throwing them from a tower as a large crowd watches from below.  ISIS militants have gone on an execution frenzy in Iraq, murdering at least 20 people in a 48-hour period, including two men “found guilty” of being gay.  Photographs of the killings, shocking even by the group’s barbaric standards, have been circulating on social media since last Thursday.  They include images of two blindfolded men being hauled to the top of a seven or eight story tower before being thrown to their deaths, one at a time, as a large crowd watches from below.  One picture is captioned: “The Muslims come to watch the application of the law.”


The body of the first man can be seen on the ground as the second falls to his death.   Some Muslims — certainly those practicing Sharia law — believe that the Prophet Mohammad said homosexuality should be punished with death and it still carries the death penalty in some Islamic countries. However, Iraq is not one of them.  Same-sex intercourse is legal in 22 nations with a Muslim majority, including Albania, Bahrain, Jordan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Chad and Turkey.  The horrific event, believed to have taken place in the city of Mosul, has provoked global outrage but it was not the only one staged by the terror group last week.   At least 17 young men were crucified before being shot in the head in a village square and an alleged adulteress was stoned to death.

Source: Twitter