Special Operations for America has joined the growing chorus of voices protesting the Iran nuclear deal announced by the Obama administration.”There is a reason the mullahs of Tehran are celebrating,” said Gary Stubblefield, a former Navy SEAL commander and chairman of Special Operations for America.

“It represents a near-total capitulation to the radical Islamic leadership that governs Iran and which has done so much to destabilize that region of the world.” Stubblefield expressed a number of objections to the agreement: 1) it maintains Iran’s existing nuclear infrastructure; 2) allows Iran to continue to enrich uranium under the guise of a “peaceful” program; 3) loosens the sanctions that have been so effective in bringing Iran to the negotiating table, and 4) weakens our alliances in the region, notably with Israel and Saudi Arabia, both of whom fear the threat posed by a nuclear Iran.

“We have learned from history that tyrants cannot be appeased and that they will exploit the weakness of their enemies. By loosening sanctions without getting any substantive concessions from Iran, President Obama has put America in a much weaker position and strengthened Iran, one of the world’s main exporters of terror,” said Stubblefield.