The Obama administration states that America’s military stands ready at a moments notice to act against Syria.  Shame the same readiness did not apply to the two former SEALs in Benghazi who for over seven hours begged for help before they were needlessly killed.  Again, failing to learn the importance of maintaining Operational Security, the administration has broadcasted not only the location of our forces, but has provided our plan to use air and missile strikes as a means of attack. Given the playbook, there can be little doubt that the Syrians are preparing for the attack by co-locating their military equipment next to schools and hospitals.  Ironically, it would seem that the only people that the administration has not provided our plan to is the US Congress.  If he does, I would hope it would include a hint of purpose and intent. If not to topple a dictator who we claim used chemical weapons, what exactly do we hope to accomplish by sending in a few missiles other than helping to stop the President’s falling approval ratings?